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Roadrender is a digital graphics studio specialised in architectural visualisation, based in Rome, Italy.

We strive to understand the idea that lies beneath the design concept 
to generate storytelling visuals

We think of our job as a tool that can help in both the planning and the selling phase. The 3D model help designers to understand volumes and spaces while the final rendering shows unequivocally how the project will to look like once built.

We are Lorenzo Parruccini and Riccardo Conti, 3D artists with an academic education in landscape architecture and job experiences in Germany, Spain and Italy.


A render (image or animation) supports the designer job with multiple benefits:

  • Photorealism eliminates the risk of misunderstanding.

  • It allows the customer to explore various design solutions before buying materials and furnishings.

  • It increases the chances that a company will approve the project.

  • It improves your odds of winning competitions and tenders.

  • It guarantees a high level of precision useful for optimizing spaces.